Working With The World with Global Gal Brenda McGuire

Brenda McGuire is a global entrepreneur, cross-cultural business expert, and a #1 best-selling author. Known as 'The Global Gal,' she has worked with thousands of people in over 50 countries to achieve their global business and travel goals.

Brenda is the Founder & CEO of WorldWide Connect, which specializes in training international business professionals to work effectively across cultures, lead virtual teams,  and conduct business globally. With hundreds of cross-cultural trainers and coaches on-the-ground in six continents, she and her team have helped busy executives, expats, global leaders, and multi-cultural teams to succeed in today’s competitive global business environment.

Brenda is also an avid globetrotter! Having traveled to over 85 countries, lived in 6, and completed three world voyages, she now shares her tips, trials, and lessons learned (the hard way) through her global travel & lifestyle coaching and training programs.  So, if you want to ‘go global’ – whether it's traveling the world, living & working abroad, or achieving a secret global goal, Brenda can help!

She is also Founder of Global Gals which empowers and educates women of all ages on to live, work and travel the world with confidence.

You can learn more about Brenda and her global journey by visiting www.brendamcguire.com and by downloading her chapters of these three best-selling books —Answering the Call, The Soul of Success (with Jack Canfield), and Professional Performance 360: Success (with Sir Richard Branson and other experts).

Show Notes:

  • 02:38 - How 'Semester at Sea' opened Brenda's eyes on travelling the world
  • 04:37 - The initial stages of WorldWide Connect after travelling the world and seeing different cultures
  • 06:36 - The common misconceptions when working with different countries to do business with
  • 09:25 - The 3C's of working globally : Cross-Cultural Awareness, Communication, Connection3
  • 13:52 - How communication works with a hierarchical type of communication like India
  • 16:30 - Current trends in the global workforce especially in light of the pandemic
  • 20:30 - The 9 skills that are will be needed in the future according to Forbes
  • 22:00 - Industries that will boom during this pandemic outbreak
  • 27:35 - How you can connect with Brenda

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