The Washington Prospective On Healthcare - A Look Back at 2020

Matt Reiter is a Vice President at Capitol Associates, a bipartisan government relations firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

Since joining Capitol Associates in 2014, he has helped the firm’s clients advocate on legislative and regulatory health policy issues ranging from the transition to value-based payment systems, provider reimbursement, access to care, and efforts to reform the U.S. Healthcare System.

Matt is also the Chair of the Executive Board for the Society of Health Policy Young Professionals and the Vice President of Education for the Oldtown Toastmasters Toastmasters Club.

Show Notes

  • 04:05 - The recent significant changes in healthcare that will continue to impact the country moving forward
  • 06:40 - Why the government's timeline of the vaccination program is so hard to predict
  • 11:43 - The latest updates on the government's price transparency initiatives in the healthcare sector
  • 19:45 - Price Transparency: Who wins?
  • 22:05 - How price transparency will affect health care providers
  • 24:42 - Breaking down the concept of budget neutrality
  • 29:22 - What's coming in the foreseeable future for E&M reimbursements

The following article highlights each state’s vaccine sign up/information website.

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