CMS Makes Provider Revalidation Process Mandatory

CMS has taken the steps to clarify revalidation process of healthcare providers who have registered in the Medicare program. According to sources privy to the organization, CMS is very strict in identifying the genuine healthcare providers. As part of the revalidation process, the CMS conducted a conference call on 1st March. During this conference call,…

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The Significance Of Prior Authorization In Healthcare Industry

Prior Authorization (PA) has got much higher relevance in the profession of physicians and the staffs working under them. As per PA, healthcare providers are required to collect approvals in advance from the concerned people and services before administering any treatment. Only once the approval is granted, the healthcare provider gets qualified for any sort…

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Risk Corridor May Be A Problem For Both Insurers And HHS

The ACA is has a requirement for insurance companies and Co-Ops to take part in HIEs, as a way to return part of their profits to the Federal government when their profit amount is thought to be excessive. The excess money is put into a Federal pool and made available towards the reimbursement of those…

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