AI in healthcare

AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare: Disrupting the Industry for Good

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two rapidly developing technologies that are being used in healthcare to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. With the vast amount of data available in healthcare, AI and ML have the potential to transform the industry by providing insights and predictive analytics that can inform…

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End of Medicaid’s Continuous Coverage

With the Public Health Emergency (PHE) coming to end, the continuous coverage that was being provided by Medicaid without the need for re-determining the eligibility every month under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act will also end. This means, the people who do not complete the re-determination will lose the Medicaid coverage. It is imperative…

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Employing Telehealth to Serve America’s Veterans

The United States military plays an essential role in maintaining the freedoms accorded to residents of America. Whether a veteran served in the Vietnam, Korean or Gulf War or Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, he or she has made many sacrifices for this county. The U.S. is home to approximately 18 million U.S. veterans, many…

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Maintaining Compliance and Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

A majority of cybercrime affecting the healthcare industry comes in the form of data breaches, which occur through a variety of incidents, including stolen devices, hacking, human error and negligence and cyberattacks.

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