5 Tips for Patient Retention

According to the United States Small Business Administration, almost 80 percent of customers leave a business if they’re upset with the treatment they’ve received. That number applies to healthcare consumers, too, making patient retention an especially important goal for physician practices of all sizes. Acquiring new customers or patients can be a costly proposition because…

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Keeping Clients in a Crisis

Client retention is always an important part of business, but when the economy isn’t doing well this becomes imperative. COVID-19 has shut down or slowed down many providers’ offices which has given doctors plenty of time to look at their books and make changes if they don’t like what they see. While this provides a…

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Fostering Positive Customer Relations

The process of winning your customer does not end at closed-won. You have proven that your product solves their need, but what happens after that? The next hurdle is having a positive customer experience in every interaction with your team and fostering a relationship that is mutually beneficial. In the employee onboarding process, highlight the…

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