Recouping Accelerated and Advance Medicare Payments

Recouping Accelerated and Advance Medicare Payments Will Start This Month

As part of its response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), the CMS allowed Medicare providers to request Accelerated and Advance Payments. This was made available to provide emergency cash flow to providers during natural disasters and similar emergencies. CMS made these payments available during the COVID-19 PHE because many practices saw reduced patient…

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Tools for Your Remote Medical Billing Team

Nearly 6 months into their work from home experiment, many billing companies are debating whether they ever want to go back to the office.

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Keeping Clients in a Crisis

Client retention is always an important part of business, but when the economy isn’t doing well this becomes imperative. COVID-19 has shut down or slowed down many providers’ offices which has given doctors plenty of time to look at their books and make changes if they don’t like what they see. While this provides a…

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Further Distributions from HHS

The Department of Health and Human Services announced further distributions from its Provider Relief Fund. This funding will go to providers that participate in CHIP and Medicaid. Some providers have lost revenue due to COVID-19 and others have simply faced higher costs, both are valid reasons to apply. This funding will be available to a…

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Does Work From Home Equal Lower Productivity?

When considering what productivity actually is or by looking at its actual definition, there are two things that spring to mind in quick succession. First, the efficiency of any business can be measured by the rate of output per unit of input, and second, the defining factor of the input is people. Since the pandemic…

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How To Avoid Coronavirus Recession

How to avoid Coronavirus recession  Can we predict the future by looking back in history?  Scientists and futurists have long maintained that studying history and closely inspecting its patterns can be a sure way of telling what is going to happen in the world. Whether or not that is true is debatable, but one thing…

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