3 Tips for Revving up Productivity

Medical billers do it all. They are the nucleus of a healthcare organization, constantly working and keeping things flowing through the revenue cycle. The goal of any medical biller is to be as efficient as possible to make sure the money keeps moving and organizations and patients are content. Medical billers are jack-of-all-trades, and along…

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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Medical Billing

Artificial intelligence is defined as the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Commonly referred to as AI, it’s increasingly being employed in healthcare, and, according to Accenture, has the potential to save the United States $150 billion annually by 2026. The top ten AI applications in healthcare are robot-assisted…

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Advantages of Automation in Healthcare

With increasing standards and regulations in place, healthcare providers are looking to technology to streamline processes and improve patient care while lowering costs. Employing automation allows them to eliminate manual, paper-based administrative and clinical processes that are often repetitive and labor-intensive. Roughly 40% of the tasks performed by healthcare support occupations can be automated, as…

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Top Trends in Medical Billing

Medical billing has been an essential part of reimbursement in healthcare for decades. The professionals in this industry, though, used to either draft necessary documents by hand or use a typewriter. Not only was this manual process extremely time-consuming, it led to inaccuracies and other medical errors. Technology has certainly transformed the medical billing industry…

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