The Adventures of the Sober Entrepreneur: A Discussion with Design Pickle CEO Russ Perry

Russ Perry is the Founder and CEO of Design Pickle, the world’s most successful flat-rate creative service. Russ leads a global team as they rethink and deliver a remarkable new way to find the perfect creative.

Show Notes:

02:50 - Russ and Chanie: their first meeting almost a decade ago
05:56 - How Russ started rebuilding his life after a struggle with alcohol
09:25 - An overview of Russ' five-year vision for his company, Design Pickle
13:13 - Russ' transition from freelancer to CEO of Design Pickle
17:20 - Design Pickle's journey to global business
20:38 - The management of Design Pickle's global operations
24:40 - Russ' courage to admit personal mistakes to his podcast listeners
28:38 - The final step for Russ' wife Mika with social media and their Good To Be Home podcast
32:00 - The current focus of Russ' life. What he is reading - Billion Dollar Loser, listening to Halloween music, and loving MilaNote

Connect with Russ

  • Website - https://russperry.co
  • Design Pickle - https://designpickle.com