Attract More Qualified New Clients

How to market your medical billing company even if you don't have a budget

Live Webinar: How to market your medical billing company even with out a budget.

During the webinar you'll learn:

  • How to attract more qualified leads for your business
  • How to position yourself as a trusted resource for your clients
  • Identify the right specialty niche to bring on your next big client

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Presented by Chanie Gluck

Chanie Gluck is the founder of 4D Global. After 20 years in medical billing services Chanie has mastered a lean operations approach for medical billing companies.

Presented by James Riviezzo

James Riviezzo is lead consultant and author of Practice On Your Terms, a medical practice management education and services network. James has been a Primary Care Practice owner and works to help private medical practices thrive without fear of outside influences like payers and government intervention.