Governors To Meet President Trump To Discuss The Future Of ACA

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The Future Of ACA

Governors from across the country are scheduled to meet President Trump next week to discuss healthcare reforms and various other issues. The governors have quickly convened the meeting in light of the preparations undertaken by congressional Republicans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The initial meeting called by the state leaders is scheduled to take place on Sunday with the various cabinet secretaries of the Trump Administration. This is a part of the National Governors Association winter meeting held in Washington. Separate closed-door sessions with the congressional Republicans and Democrats are also scheduled along with the meeting.

There have been strong voices of dissent from Governors of both parties about the proposed GOP plans to remove the Affordable Care Act. The move to replace ACA before setting up any replacement coverage for many of the citizen of the country has particularly caused such strong concerns.

There have been accusations on the GOP administration in turning Medicaid into a program of capped federal payments to the states. The concerned statesmen warn that such move could cause the ending of the law’s Medicaid expansion.

President Barack Obama enacted the Affordable Care Act during his tenure at the Oval Office. Since then, ACA has remained one of the major revamping of the healthcare system in the United States, as it enables the transformation of the practices employed by hospitals and physicians to outsource better health provisions, improvements in healthcare, along with a lowering of the costs and accessibility.

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Affordable Care Act

A letter to the Congress in January by the NGA insisted the lawmakers to consider various alterations to the Medicaid financing. This considerations include the shifting of costs to the states and the protection of states against unexpected increase of cost due to many factors like enrollment spikes during economic downturns, epidemics, etc.

Experts believe that the GOP’s Medicaid restructuring plan summarized by the House Republican leaders recently can result in a decrease of federal funding for the program. Arizona’s Republican Gov. Doug Ducey said in a statement to the house leaders that, “It will result in the single largest transfer of risk ever from the federal government to the states.”

On the other hand, Leighton Ku, professor of health policy at George Washington University, said that, “Congressional GOP leaders need some buy-in from Republican governors to make this acceptable. But if the whole pool of funding shrinks, there will be a lot of losers, no matter how you rearrange things.”