Izzy Congratulates Chanie on 1 Year

 On this special episode of Growing Global, Izzy Yetnikoff interviews Chanie on the first year anniversary of the Growing Global Podcast. Stay tuned as she shared why she started the podcast, some tips for aspiring podcasters, and a glipmse of the future for Growing Global's season 2

Show Notes:

  • [01:41] - Chanie's hesitation to do Growing Global Podcast
  • [02:52] - The primary motivation why Chanie started Growing Global Podcast
  • [04:40] - How the podcast has changed throughout the year
  • [05:41] - Who were the guests where she felt very nervous to interview
  • [07:11] - The most challenging interview as far as the content
  • [08:38] - How to become an effective interviewer
  • [10:31] - One unique item that Chanie prepared for the future episodes of the show