Extracting The Mastery with David Berg from Redirect Health

David Berg is the President and Co-founder of Redirect Health, a company that uses a unique healthcare strategy to help businesses and associations attract and keep the employees and members they need. He's also my personal mentor for 8 years now and a chiropractor by profession.

In this episode, we talked about a myriad of interesting topics from the common traits of successful people that he noticed over the years from mentoring, his experience meeting Tim Ferris and doing a cameo role in a Netflix Documentary, the book he required his employees to read, and how he extracts mastery out of people.

Show Notes:

  • [00:51] - David talks about the common traits of successful people
  • [04:37] - David's method for talking to underperforming employees
  • [13:07] - Redirect Health's core value of obsessing over the customer
  • [16:18] - Many customers do not know what they want
  • [21:10] - The Power Of TED by David Emerald and why he requires everyone on his team to read it
  • [25:60] - David shares his experience meeting Tim Ferris
  • [31:52] - The difference between expertise and mastery and how to extract mastery out of people
  • [40:10] - David's shares a story of being an executive producer on the movie "Game Changer the Dan Sullivan Story" now available on Netflix & Amazon Prime
  • [44:20] - About Redirect Heath

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