Cultivating a Leadership Culture: Tips from award-winning leadership development expert Annie Abrams


Annie is an award winning, innovative, business leader, coach and author with an extensive background in leadership development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, succession planning, operations, sales, marketing, and human resources, having worked with some of the world’s most notable brands.  She has designed and facilitated competency-based training, as well as Diversity & Inclusion programs,  for over 50,000 people, partnered with hundreds of leaders, and managed large-scale global initiatives. Recognized as a consultative, hands-on, pro-active partner, who can rapidly identify business imperatives, formulate strategic solutions, and create continuous organizational impact, Annie has been able to work with her clients to achieve success in exceeding business goals, as well as implementing new processes in challenging, diverse environments. She is viewed as an individual who can balance inspiration, innovation, and objectivity, while leading organizational change in partnership with her clients.

Annie has been an executive in many functional areas including Operations, Human Resources, Client Services, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success in the field of Learning & Development as well as a Regional Director and Senior Program Leader for one of the world’s largest training & development organization, helping to create and implement firm business objectives, succession planning strategies, and setting organization policy. As a founder and Managing Partner of RHM 1107 LLC, she has designed award winning leadership development programs, competency models, leadership assessment centers, and customized learning programs.

As Managing Director of RHM 1107 LLC, Annie oversees coaching operations, comprised of top tier executive coaches around the world, and works with clients, providing strategic talent consulting, leadership coaching, and program design.  She has had the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s best loved brands, internationally, including Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, MSCI, ConMet, Salesforce, Apple, Nike, and Columbia Sportswear, in addition to many others.

Show Notes:

  • 01:25 - The qualities of a leader and how to take someone from a manager level to leadership level
  • 08:00 - Annie shares her experience working with Starbucks on creating situational leadership development programs
  • 14:04 - Why assessments need to be uniform across an organization's groups
  • 15:40 - Free assessments that small businesses can use in their organization
  • 18:51 - A mentor's role in an organization
  • 23:26 - Why managers should not be your mentor
  • 25:23 - How can a 50-100 people organization can start a mentorship program of their own
  • 26:50 - The difference between a mentor and a coach
  • 29:33 - Annie shares the blind-spots of women business owners
  • 35:42 - Annie's book on how to navigate corporate politics

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