New CPT Codes to Be Aware of For 2021

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes have been around since 1966, continue to be set by the specialized panel with the American Medical Association, and they aren’t going anywhere. Each year, as advancements and changes are made in the medical industry, new and revised codes are pushed out to medical billing teams. If you’re already in…

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Tackle the Minimum Wage Problem by Reducing Costs

If you’ve been keeping up with our content on how to effectively tackle the minimum wage problem as a business owner, then you’ve already learned quite a bit. In previous articles, the options of hiring employees who live in other states, outsourcing offshore employees, and increasing costs in specific ways have been discussed; implementing one…

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Surprise Medical Bills and New Legislation: An Overview

Surprise billing has been a bipartisan focus for the United States government for a couple years. Most Americans support legislation to protect patients from these costly yet often unexpected fees. Although multiple states have adopted comprehensive legislation to mitigate surprise billing, there wasn’t any such statute on the federal level – until recently. On December…

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The Top KPIs to Track for an Optimized Revenue Cycle

Methods used in the United States to measure quality vary by industry. The country’s food supply, human and veterinary drugs and multiple other products are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees national efforts based on the best available scientific information to reduce environmental risks. The Federal Communications…

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Coffee cup and computer on desk

Tools for Your Remote Medical Billing Team

Nearly 6 months into their work from home experiment, many billing companies are debating whether they ever want to go back to the office.

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