How To Have a Successful Transition Back To Work After Working From Home

After the COVID-19 pandemic made catastrophic waves around the world, employers who could, sent their employees home to work, not quite knowing when things would be back to normal. After almost a year and a half with vaccinations available, organizations and businesses are finally requesting employees come back face-to-face at least part-time if not full-time.…

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Creating Independence in the Workplace

In light of Independence Day in the United States, this month’s theme is…independence.  Are there ways in which you can be more independent and productive during your 9 to 5? Take a minute and think of actions that you take (or don’t) that prevent you from taking control of your duties and responsibilities, as well…

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How to Stay Active When Your Job is Sedentary

Working in a setting in which you must be sedentary most of the day can have health implications. Those who work in offices, cubicles, or those who frequently travel, often sit the majority of their day—and most of the time these individuals are in front of a computer or a meeting. There are physical and…

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8 Qualities That Make the Perfect Medical Biller

It takes a special person to successfully work in the world of medical billing.  Many behind-the-scenes jobs do not get recognized enough for what they do to keep things running smoothly. If it weren’t for medical billers, who would translate codes, file claims, update records, and solve inconsistencies? Who would post payments, manage reimbursements, perform…

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Should You Outsource Your Company’s Medical Billing Team?

Many healthcare providers often wonder if outsourcing their medical billing team would be worth it. Keeping things in-house has its advantages; but on the other hand, giving another team the responsibility of handling the billing cycle relieves healthcare teams to be able to focus on other important matters. In today’s world of business, it is…

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3 Tips for Revving up Productivity

Medical billers do it all. They are the nucleus of a healthcare organization, constantly working and keeping things flowing through the revenue cycle. The goal of any medical biller is to be as efficient as possible to make sure the money keeps moving and organizations and patients are content. Medical billers are jack-of-all-trades, and along…

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Top Three Features of Practice Management Systems

Practice managers play a crucial role in helping physician offices run smoothly. Doctors are responsible for multiple administrative tasks along with patient care, making it nearly impossible for them to manage their practice without assistance. In addition to implementing programs and procedures to improve operations efficiency and managing overall operations of the practice’s business functions,…

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Surprise Medical Bills and New Legislation: An Overview

Surprise billing has been a bipartisan focus for the United States government for a couple years. Most Americans support legislation to protect patients from these costly yet often unexpected fees. Although multiple states have adopted comprehensive legislation to mitigate surprise billing, there wasn’t any such statute on the federal level – until recently. On December…

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Three Keys to Improving Patient Collections

Rising out-of-pocket medical costs and high deductibles are challenging issues for many individuals in the United States. The following numbers show just how much of a problem high healthcare costs are for consumers: The average individual health plan deductible is approximately $4,300. The average family health plan deductible is about $8,300. An estimated 40 percent…

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How to Make a Remote Work Arrangement Successful

If you’re one of the many employees who have worked remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. According to the European Commission, approximately 35-40 percent of employees across the globe have worked from home most or all of the time since the spring of 2020. It appears this remote work trend won’t fade away…

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