Being Human in Business with Hilary Corna

Hilary Corna is a Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Founder of The Human Way, and former Senior Executive Officer of Toyota Asia Pacific. She believes there is an evolution occurring in business. It's not just about the technology, tactics, integrations, and how much money leaders pump into their companies -- it's about love, care and human connection. Her work draws from topics including Kaizen, Operations, Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Culture, and Innovation. Her clients have included State Farm Insurance, General Motors, and the United Nations Foundation to name a few. Hilary’s been featured in the New York Times, Fortune, ForbesWoman, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, and dozens of other publications.

Show Notes:

  • 02:00 - Hilary's backstory and finding her first career abroad
  • 06:00 - How Hilary found the path of getting companies to be more human
  • 09:00 - The Toyota approach to Customer Life Cycle
  • 11:45 - Actionable tips to figure out how to create 'human' element in your business
  • 16:05 - The characteristics of human era companies
  • 18:48 - How to capitalize your company's unique abilities and develop a human persona
  • 28:05 - Corporate Identity Change: Does it come from the leader?
  • 30:40 - Misconceptions about a company "being human"
  • 33:14 - How Hilary changed an Indian woman's life
  • 43:00 - The feeling of being alone living in a different country

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