Automate & Delegate with Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens is the Founder and CEO of Brad Stevens Training as well as Outsource Access. Brad Stevens Training helps businesses embrace highly innovative and low cost ways to grow their business by leveraging time, money and a creative mindset using global, virtual teams. The firm produces educational content including the Top 200 Tools to Fuel Your Business Growth, provides advisory services and built a state-of-the-at online education platform. Outsource Access helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs hire highly trained and vetted low cost Virtual Assistants

As a lifetime entrepreneur, he has helped build multiple 7 figure businesses in domestic and international markets within several industries including physical products, eCommerce and professional services.

Brad also serves on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) where he co-chairs the Accelerator Program that was rated as the organization’s fastest growing program in the world in 2015. For his work with startups to $100 million businesses, he has been featured in Inc Magazine, Octane Magazine and the EO Global Innovation Forum along with multiple podcasts including the Wall Street Business Network. Brad was featured on the cover of Small Business Magazine and is a past winner of the Top 40 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia award. He is a sought after speaker by business organizations, CEO Peer Groups, and Fortune 500 firms. Most recently, he was elected to the board of Startup Atlanta, an organization commissioned by the mayor to support the city’s business ecosystem.

Show Notes:

  • 03:30 - Big takeaways that are most impactful when looking for a VA
  • 07:20 - Other time-consuming tasks for entrepreneurs
  • 11:08 - Should a VA handle everything or be in charge of finding the one who'll do the tasks?
  • 15:17 - How to deal with entrepreneurs with objections on hiring a VA
  • 21:54 - Brad's work with EO Entrepreneurs Organization and United Nations
  • 27:47 - Brad's podcast "Automate and Delegate" and it's upcoming comeback
  • 28:45 - The key characteristic an entrepreneur should have

Connect with Brad

  • Website - https://bradstevenstraining.com
  • Outsource Access - https://outsourceaccess.com