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Transform your medical billing company with the world's best resource of medical billing experts.

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Connect your operations team to the center of the medical billing world.

Our hub, Chennai, India; has the highest concentration of highly trained medical billing professionals per capita anywhere in the world.

Stop the race to the bottom.

Most medical billing companies struggle with chaotic internal operations due to sporadic growth and slim profit margins. This causes you to compete for business on price instead of value.

Having a turn-key overseas resource can help to streamline your process and build a business based on value instead of racing to the bottom by reducing your percentage of collections.

People + Process = Profit

How the power of 1.3 billion people transformed my medical billing company and world view.

Hello, my name is Chanie (Ha-Nie) Gluck, Founder of 4D Global. You're invited to read my personal journey through adversity. Find out how I discovered my true calling and learned how the beautiful people of India were the key to success in growing a medical billing company.

Join our exclusive community of medical billing company owners.

  • Be part of an exclusive community

    The regularity of the group meetings, sharing commitments, and reporting progress (generally 1-2X per month) creates a structure of responsibility.

  • Accelerate your business growth

    Bring crucial business growth roadblocks to the group and get insights from peers that have been there before. Focus on what’s most important for you to get to the next level.

  • Monthly virtual workshops & meet-ups

    Each meeting is organized and optimized around a specific agenda that creates flow and reduces the risk of chaos, confusion, and running overtime.

Join our exclusive group of medical billing company owners and breakthrough the barriers to growing your business.

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