Our global approach and a gold standard medical billing service so you can focus on growing your business.

4D Global was founded to help our clients, Medical Billing Companies to easily scale their business and increase profitability.

The key to our success is applying our medical billing expertise with the mission to exceed expectations in delivery, performance and accuracy.

We are an analytical driven, technology enabled Data Entry, Coding and Revenue Cycle Management company providing medical billing services to Medical Billing Companies across the U.S. We currently have offices in New York, Arizona, Chennai, Bangalore & Kerala India.

Like your very own, always open, 24/7 workforce.

We work work while you are sleeping, our data team check visit eligibility, code the days visits, post charges and payments, and by the time you wake up all your data entry tasks have been completed.

Recruitment of Top Talent

Employees are recruited after thoroughly reviewing their profiles which includes studying their work experience, the processes they worked on, their proximity to office and their qualification. All of our employees have a minimum graduation degree from reputable universities

See the Executive Management Team we have assembled to serve you**

Extensive Training

We ensure that all employees go through an extensive training course on the process and policies they are expected to work on before they can get started. The employees are tested to make sure that the material is understood by all. Outfitted to meet modern demands of a work place.

Security and Compliance

Compliance is the key to our business in every department and is based on the four cornerstone of ethics, values, integrity and respect for consumer privacy.

Every one of our employees is educated on the importance of following HIPAA guidelines at the time of induction into 4D Global.


Meet our team of global medical billing experts.

Chanie Gluck

Chief Executive Officer

Chanie Gluck is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned veteran of the medical billing business. She launched 4D Global, Inc. after working in the medical billing industry for over 20 years. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Chanie began her career working in the billing department of a multi-specialty medical center.

Peter B.

Managing Director

Peter B. is the Managing Director of 4DGLOBAL and comes with a wealth of experience and track record in handling Medical Billing operations, On-boarding new clients and building/developing start-ups. With over 20+ years of rich experience in Medical Billing and interacting with U.S. clients across the U.S.cal center.

Vijayasarathy S.

Director Operations

Vijayasarathy S, is the Director of Operations at 4DGLOBAL and has more than 10 years of experience in handling clients, transitioning new clients and working directly with doctors to manage their collections.

Vijay M.

Account Manager

Vijay M. is one of our key Account Managers, he comes with 10 years of experience in Healthcare industry He is an enthusiastic personality, knowledgeable,good hands on experience and works with the team for improving quality levels, enhancing their skills and ensuring the TAT is met on a day to day basis..

Prem Kumar

Revenue Cycle Management Lead

Prem heads the Revenue Cycle Management AR-Operations. He brings over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has managed operations for Hospital & Physician billing of various outsourced billing companies. He has extensive knowledge in working with Multi Specialty clients and a good knowledge of Revenue Cycle Management


Revenue Cycle Management Lead

Mustafa is one of our Client Services Leads. He brings with him over 5 years of experience in the healthcare industry and great at managing clients and his team. He ensures that all client requests including the SLA's (service level agreements) are met in a timely manner.


Revenue Cycle Management Lead

Kafeel is one of our Revenue Cycle Management Leads. He brings with him over 7 years of experience in the healthcare industry and possesses good client and team management skills.


DATA Entry Lead

Umashankar is one of our Data Team Lead. He handles the Demo/Charge and Payment posting teams. He comes with over 7 years of experience in data entry processes and has excellent knowledge in Denial Management.