Who we are

4D Global was founded to help our clients – Medical Billing Companies easily scale their business and increase profitability.

The key to our success is applying our medical billing expertise with the mission to exceed expectations in delivery, performance and accuracy.

We are an analytical driven, technology enabled Data Entry and Revenue Cycle Management company providing medical billing services to Medical Billing Companies across the U.S. We currently have offices in New York, Arizona and Chennai India.


Our Differentiators

  • Highly experienced and well knowledgeable leadership team with over 40 years of collective experience in the healthcare industry
  • Our own proprietary Accounts Receivable Web-based Interactive CRM (Client Relationship Management) Tool designed for tracking the status of each claim, spotting trends within each practice and more. FREE to use when working with us
  • Internal Scrubbing software for tracking quality issues before claims are submitted
  • Process excellence specialists to improve efficiencies
  • Custom reports and analytics created for clients and physicians
  • Comprehensive reports and software to track performance and productivity of our agents
  • Workflow tools for smarter and faster delivery
  • No obligation free trial so that you can see our capabilities before signing an agreement with us

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What we do

Provide complete end to end Medical Billing services right from “verifying eligibility and benefits”, to “registering the patient in the billing software”, “entering the charges”, “posting the payments”, “working insurance denials” and “following-up with the insurance company if payments are not received with the required time line”. Apart from this we help in “Provider Credentialing” and work on “Credit Balance Resolution”

How we make oustsourcing easy

We make the transition to working with our team a quick and easy one.

Our streamlined medical billing processes are designed to put our workforce at your finger tips as soon as we get started. We see our staff as an extension of your team.

Implementation process:

We discuss the scope of work required and hire employees that have experience with your specialties and software used when available.


We use secured online meeting tools during our training sessions and ensure that everyone on our team is present for the training sessions. We also record the training sessions with your approval so that we can reference it if needed. Based on our training sessions we draft policy and procedure manuals for each of your practices for you to review and approve.

Ongoing daily contact:

Our managers would be in close contacts with your team to ensure that the work is being done to your satisfaction. We offer online chat software and direct email access so that you can chat with our staff at anytime day or night.


ISO 9001:2015 – Certificate#33889-A01

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  • Decreased costs and Increased Revenues. Your employee, administrative and clerical costs are reduced
  • You will have staff working on your account 24 hours a day. During the day time we call the insurance companies on outstanding claims, while during your nighttimes we do the data entry tasks such as demo, charges, payment posting, denial documentation, credit balance projects, electronic rejections and more
  • Less paper cluttering your office – all data is scanned to us via a secure HIPAA compliant document management system
  • 4DGLOBAL enables your business to dedicate its resources to where it matters most – Growth and Profitability

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